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Prenatal Massage

Did you know that massage during pregnancy can alleviate stress on your joints and muscular and fascial structures? 

It can also reduce stiffness, tension, lower back pain, sciatic pain, edema, hip pain and even constipation. 

With a supportive and knowledgeable RMT/Doula, it also provides emotional support and positive nurturing touch and an opportunity for prenatal education!

Contact today to book your prenatal massage!

Direct Billing Available to most insurance providers. 

60 minute treatment: 110$

90 minute treatment: 135$

Add ons Available: 


Botanical Foot Soak

the massage therapist makes a belly mass

Postpartum Massage

It is essential that we honour and nurture the body in the postpartum period. 

Massage provides all of the usual benefits, such as relaxation, reduction of pain and stiffness and several others specific to the postpartum time! 

It can be useful in reducing swelling, improving sleep and assisting in breastfeeding. 

Direct Billing available to most insurance providers. 

60 Minute Massage: 110$

90 Minute Massage: 135$

*Your baby is always welcome on my table. There are baby carriers available, if they need to be held. Modified positions are possible for when/if baby needs to feed, while you get your care.*

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is the practice of hands on manipulation of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints). 

It is used as preventative health care as well as treatment for injuries or health conditions. 

During your first massage, you can expect to have a thorough postural assessment, special tests and an assessment of your range of motion. 

Direct Billing is available to most insurance providers. 

60 minutes: 110$

90 minutes: 135$


Relaxation Massage

Massage is an essential part of preventative health care. 

In this full body treatment, you can expect a reduction of tension, increased circulation, improved sleep and an engagement of the parasympathetic system. 

Direct Billing available to most insurance providers. 

60 minutes: 110$

90 minutes: 135$

Add Ons: 

Botanical Foot Soak


Hand Massage
Registered Massage Therapy: Services
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