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Evidence Based Birth ® Childbirth Classes

Ready to get Empowered?

EBB® Childbirth Class

This 6 week hybrid class is the perfect opportunity to be mentored by your very own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Amber Tapley! 

Putting current evidence based information into the hands of families so you can make empowered choices! 

First and last sessions are in person, with virtual sessions in between! 

You will learn all about evidence based care, comfort measures and advocacy skills! 

These classes are designed to give you access to your learning materials and videos virtually so it will fit your busy schedule! 

Spots are limited to 6 families per session so book your spot today! 

Upcoming  6 week session starts June 23rd from 2-4 pm.

Cost: 250$ per pair. 


Savvy Birth PRO

Are you passionate about evidence based care, but regularly witness hospital policies taking precedence over your client's choice? It can be frustrating to watch clients receive care that isn’t based on research and not quite knowing how to help. 

The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (3 contact hours) was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give professionals the skills you need to make a genuine difference and help your clients attain the best possible chance at evidence based care during pregnancy and labor.  

The 3-hour Savvy Birth Pro Workshop will succeed in preparing you to help your clients assert their right to evidence based care in a respectful way that builds bridges, not walls. We believe the inspirational knowledge you will gain from the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop will have a positive ripple effect that extends to your clients, the professionals you work with and your community! 

You’re no longer alone in the quest to help more families receive respectful, high quality maternity care!  The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop does more than provide great skills; it creates a strong community of connected professionals who together share this important mission.   

This Savvy Birth Pro Workshop is taught by Amber Tapley (Full Spectrum Doula, EBB Childbirth Instructor, Perinatal/Pediatric RMT, Owner of The Do Good Doulas)

Contact hours: By attending the workshop and completing an online evaluation, you will earn a certificate for 3 contact hours from Evidence Based Birth®, a continuing education provider for the Kentucky Board of Nursing # 7-0081. Nursing contact hours can be applied to most childbirth educator and doula certifications, as well as the Certified Professional Midwife credential. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define evidence-based care and discuss statistics on the quality of birth settings in our local community

  2. Discuss the major reasons why we have an evidence-practice gap, including the power hierarchy and how it is a barrier to evidence-based, family-centered care

  3. Discuss ways that we can bridge the evidence-practice gap at the system level

  4. Discuss specific strategies we can use to help our clients obtain evidence-based care

Refund policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to future workshops or seminars. 

Cost: 100$

Upcoming dates:  TBA

Run time: 3 hours


Savvy Birth 101

Are you looking forward to having a baby, but worried about what it’s like to be a “patient” in the hospital system?

Never fear, Savvy Birth 101 is here! 

The 1-hour Savvy Birth 101 class was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you the inside scoop on how to form the ultimate birth team, so when the time comes to bring your baby into the world you can find yourself at the center of respectful, evidence-based care.

Savvy Birth 101 at The Do Good Doulas is taught by Amber Tapley. 

Learning Objectives covered in Savvy Birth 101 

  1. Define evidence-based care and discuss the difference between evidence-based care and routine care

  2. Describe how the power system works in most hospital labor and delivery units

  3. Discuss ways to create a team-based atmosphere in the birthing room, so that you and your partner can get evidence-based, family-centered care

Refund policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to future workshops or seminars. 

Cost: 35$ per family 

How does Savvy Birth 101 differ from the Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents? Savvy Birth 101 is an abbreviated, 60-minute class for parents who do not have time to attend our full-length, 3-hour Savvy Birth Workshop. 

Upcoming dates:

Jan. 21st, 2024

1 pm

Feb. 18th, 2024

1 pm

Evidence Based Birth® Instructors are independent contractors and distributors of the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class and are not employees of Evidence Based Birth®. You can find our terms and conditions for the class here 

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