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Excited Brother

The Do Good Doulas

Community Care for your Perinatal, Parenting and Personal Journey


You will see some BIG changes happening on this page in the coming months! 

1. A New Name! 

2. A New Structure

3. New Services!

4. A New Location! 

For more information about pregnancy support, please visit the DOULA SERVICES!

We now have a whole team of doulas to provide care to you! 

Stay tuned for their introductions! 

For Community Classes, click HERE!

For Registered Massage Therapy offerings and to book your appointment, please click HERE!

Birth is a sacred time.

We are here to provide evidence based education, Full Spectrum Doula Support and a wide selection of community classes to ensure your journey to parenthood is a well supported one. 

We are also very excited to be opening up our Gathering Room for a variety of classes, workshops and groups that are NOT all Perinatal or Parenting focused! 

Let's be real. Parents are not JUST parents. We have diverse interests, needs and hobbies! We want to provide the space to encourage people to connect to their bodies, minds, souls and each other! 

We are committed to learning about providing an inclusive, anti-racist, anti-sexist safe space for all families.

This work is ongoing and action steps may be found here!

For you folks who want to hear birth stories, inspirational guests and learn all things birth, business, babies and botanical wisdom, check out my podcast! This is Where You Came From 

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